Advice for Crypto Art Collectors

Tips from the Traditional Art World for Crypto Collectors

Top collectors and dealers share their insights

This post shares a few tips for collecting art, provided by some of the biggest art collectors and dealers. Although they all come from the traditional art world, it's interesting to see how these principles can be equally applied to crypto art.

We have selected some of the best tips from the iconic book "Collecting Contemporary Art" by Adam Lindemann in the hope to provide some food for thought to crypto collectors.

One must look for what is ahead of the curve, and explore the relationship of today’s art to the world we live in.

François Pinault , Collector, Paris

If you don’t enjoy making your own decisions, you’re never going to be much of a collector anyway.

Charles Saatchi, Collector, London

Buy only when you understand the work, and when its meaning and message enhance your vision of the world and enrich your life.

Baroness Marion Lambert, Collector, Geneva

I think it’s important to talk to a lot of people, but only filter what they have to say. Then form your own judgment, react to your own gut instinct.

Peter M. Brant, Collector, Greenwich, Connecticut

Buy with the eyes. Buy with the eyes first. Then check it out, what was the right choice, what was not. To start, it’s better to collect in your generation - that’s more easily understood

Gerd Harry Lybke, Art Dealer, Leipzig-Berlin

A collector should buy, and should not hesitate to buy. What I think is most important is to build up a relationship with a dealer whom you trust, and to learn through buying.

Max Hetzler, Art Dealer, Berlin

He/She should star by purchasing something he/she really likes. Intuition is one of the best assets when it comes to art. It’s also crucial to study art, past and present, and to consult with professionals in the field, keeping up with new trends in the circuit. Having a curator can also be very fruitful [...]

Márcia Fortes, Art Dealer, São Paulo

Source: Collecting Contemporary Art
Adam Lindemann, Taschen, 2006

05 Jul 20
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